The Martone Lab

Biomechanics, evolution, and ecophysiology of marine macroalgae







Patrick Martone  

Dr. Patrick T. Martone

Professor, UBC (2019-present)

Associate Professor, UBC (2013-2019)

Assistant Professor, UBC (2008-2013)

Post-doctoral Scholar, Stanford University (2007-2008)

PhD, Stanford University (2001-2007)

BS, Duke University (1994-1998)

Email pmartone(at)

Jenn Clark  

Dr. Jenn Clark, Post-doctoral Hakai Scholar

Research interests: Effects of climate change on life history stages and traits of seaweeds; photophysiology; population genetics and connectivity of seaweeds

Email jennifer.clark(at)

Matt Whalen  

Dr. Matt Whalen, Post-doctoral Hakai Scholar

Research interests: Influences of environmental variation on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning across scales

Email matt.whalen(at)

Brenton Twist  

Dr. Brenton Twist, Post-doctoral Hakai Scholar

Research interests: Coralline algal ecology, community dynamics, and ecosystem services. Effects of environmental and biotic interactions on community composition. Settlement induction of macroalgal spores and invertebrate larvae by different coralline species.

Email brenton.twist(at)

Liam Coleman  

Liam Coleman, PhD student

Research interests: Morphological plasticity of seaweeds in response to environmental stresses, particularly water velocity

Email liam.coleman(at)

Soren Huber  

Soren Huber, MSc student

Research interests: Morphological adaptation and phenotypic plasticity of marine macroalgae; taxonomy of cryptic species, particularly coralline algae

Email saladsoren(at)

Jan Xue  

Jan Xue, MSc student

Co-supervisor: Lacey Samuels

Research interests: Evolution of enzymes involved in cell wall biosynthesis, particularly CesA; transforming Arabidopsis to test the function of algal genes

Email jiany23(at)

Alana Breitkreutz  

Alana Breitkreutz, MSc student

Research interests: Biomechanical and developmental aspects of blade tearing in kelps; effects of branching and blade splitting on reconfiguration and drag

Email alana.breitkreutz(at)

Elliot Porcher  

Elliot Porcher, MSc student

Research interests: Coralline algal physiology in response to environmental stress; physiological mechanisms of recovery and resistance

Email elliot.porcher(at)

Varoon P  

Varoon Pornsinsiriruk, MSc student

Research interests: Individual and interactive effects of environmental stressors, particularly nutrients, water flow, and temperature, on kelp physiology

Email varoon.p (at)

Lauran Liggan  

Lauran Liggan, MSc 2016, Lab Manager

Research interests: Development and biomechanics of buoyant pneumatocysts in the bull kelp Nereocystis; long-term monitoring of the harvested seaweed, Pyropia abbottiae

Email liggan.l(at)


Lab Alumni

Sam Starko  

Dr. Sam Starko, PhD 2019

Research interests: Evolutionary ecology of kelps; using phylogenetic methods to investigate the evolution of biomechanical, morphological, and ecological traits

Email samuel.starko(at)

Kyra janot  

Dr. Kyra Janot, PhD 2018

Research interests: Convergent evolution of joints in articulated coralline algae, linking biomechanical properties to chemical composition of cell walls

Email kyrajanot(at)

Laura Borden  

Laura Borden, MSc 2018

Research interests: Effect of temperature and urchin grazing on growth and recovery of Agarum kelp beds; resilience of microscopic kelp gametophytes

Tiff Stephens  

Dr. Tiff Stephens, Post-doctoral scholar, 2016-2017

Research interests: Effects of thallus morphology and water motion on carbon and nitrogen metabolism; nutrient partitioning within seaweed communities, particularly facilitation within host-epiphyte pairs

Email tiffanybot(at)

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Katy Hind  

Dr. Katy Hind, Post-doctoral Hakai Scholar, 2013-2016

Research interests: Evolution, taxonomy, and biogeography of coralline algae; polyploidy and speciation

Email katy.hind(at)

Rebecca Guenther  

Dr. Rebecca Guenther, MSc 2012 and PhD 2016

Research interests: Ecophysiology of calcified coralline algae in response to environmental stress and climate change

Jenn jorve  

Dr. Jennifer Jorve, PhD 2015

Co-supervisor: Chris Harley

Research interests: Effects of climate change on marine flora and fauna; influence of habitat-forming species on associated communities

Laura Anderson  

Laura Anderson, MSc 2012

Research interests: Ecological costs and benefits of host-epiphyte relationships, especially with regards to predation and biomechanics

Email anderson.lauramarie(at)


Interested in joining the Martone Lab?

We are always on the lookout for bright, creative students who are inspired by seaweeds and want to understand how life "works." Applications from students with NSERC fellowships are especially welcome. To discuss possibilities of joining the lab, send Patrick an email.


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