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Patrick Keeling

Fellow, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, & Royal Society of Canada

1992: H.B.Sc. (Genetics), University of Western Ontario
1996: Ph.D. (Biochemistry), Dalhousie University (with Ford Doolittle)
1996-1998: Visiting Scientist, Plant Cell Biology Research Centre, Botany School, University of Melbourne, Australia (with Geoff McFadden)
1998-1999: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biology, Indiana University, USA (with Jeff Palmer)

Erick James

Lab Manager

Vittorio Boscaro

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Fabien Burki

Post-Doctoral Felllow

My main research interest is the molecular evolution of protists. We use genomic data to reconstruct the evolutionary history of several key groups of protists and look for genetic signatures that will help to make sense of the tree. Visit my website for more info:

Javier del Campo

Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Felllow

I am interested in the ecology and the phylogenetic diversity of protists. My research in Prof. Keeling's lab is manly devoted to the study of the diversity and distribution of microbial eukaryotes associated to coral. We will focus our attention on the Apicomplexan Related Lineages (ARL) as well as on the coral symbiotic algae Ostreobium sp.. We use high-throughput sequencing metabarcoding and culturing to dilucidate their role in the coral reefs ecosystem. If you want to know more about this and my previous research projects you can check my website or follow me at twitter @fonamental.

Ryan Gawryluk

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Thierry Heger

Post-Doctoral Felllow

My research interests include diversity and ecology of protists. I am also interested in the use of bioindicators as a tool for the assessment of ecosystem quality and the management of ecosystem resources. In my current project with the Hakai Beach Institute, I am using next generation sequencing analyses and microscope-based identification to characterize protistan diversity and community structure across distinct ecosystems on Calvert Island (British Columbia, Canada). You can find further information on my website:

Elisabeth Hehenberge

Post-Doctoral Felllow

Martin Kolisko

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Juan Saldarriaga

Post-Doctoral Felllow

I am currently working on the evolutionary history of histones and histone-like proteins in the dinoflagellate lineage, as well as on different aspects of the early evolution of the group.

Jurgen Strassert

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Greg Gavelis

Ph.D. Candidate

Noriko Okamoto

Hakai Research Associate

Denis Tikhonenkov

Visiting Researcher


Anna Karnkowska

Visiting Researcher

Pamela Pan

Graduate Student


Former Lab Members

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