Biology 321

Structure and Evolution of the Bryophyta, 2006

Instructor:  Shona Ellis (office: Rm. 3203, phone no.: 822-9728, e-mail:
Office Hours:  Friday 12:00 - 2:00 or by appointment
Lecture: Rm 2321, Monday and Wednesday @ 2:00 - 3:00
Lab: Rm 3009/3008, Monday and Wednesday @ 3:00 - 5:00
Open Lab: Rm 3009 Thursdays and Fridays for working on projects/collections


Teaching Assistants: Ying Chang and Scott Harkness
Required Fees and Books:
Course Fee   $20.00 (includes lab manual and photocopies)
Field Guide:  Some Common Mosses of British Columbia, Dr. W. B. Schofield

Field Guide to Liverwort Genera of Pacific North America, Dr. W. B. Schofield


 Introduction to Bryology, Dr. W. B. Schofield

Required Supplies: Handlens, one shoe box (for your collection), paper for "bryophyte packets" (recycled is just fine!), paper lunchbags for collecting, scraper for collecting mosses firmly stuck to substrate, notebook for fieldnotes
Other Reference Books:

How to Know the Mosses and Liverworts, Conrad and Redfearn

There will be a couple of copies available in lab.  There is a copy in Woodward Library and in the Vancouver Public Library (main branch)
- mainly used for liverwort identification

Plants of Coastal British Columbia, Pojar and MacKinnon

Many of you probably have this wonderful field guide.  There are a few copies available in lab.  Most libraries carry it.

Moss Flora of the Pacific Northwest, Eva Lawton

There are a few copies available in Woodward Library


Lab Quizzes and Assignments (10%)
Lecture Midterm (10%)
Collection (10%)
Project/Term Paper (15%)
Presentation (5%)
Lab Final Exam (25%)
Lecture Final Exam (25%)

Important Dates and Deadlines:

January 9/11 – Fieldtrip to Pacific Spirit Park
January 18 – Web Assignment #1 Due
January 23 – Summary of Project/Term Paper due
January 30 – Quiz #1
February 20 – Fieldtrip to Burns Bog
February 22 – Quiz #2
February 28 – Lecture Midterm
March 15 – Quiz #3
March 19 – Fieldtrip to Lynn Canyon (week-end fieldtrip)
March 22 – Bryophyte Collection Due
March 29 – Lab Final
March 27, April 3 & 5 – Class Presentations (Poster or Oral)
April 7 – Projects/Term Paper due

Titles of Some Previous Projects/Term Papers in Biology 321:

Epiphytic Bryophytes on Acer macrophyllum: A Study of the Relationship between Diversity, Abundance, and Habitat

Beaver Lake Bryophyte Survey

A Field Study of the Bryophytes in the Delta Nature Reserve and Their Degradation Through Human Encroachment

Are Bryophytes Evolutionary Failures?

Takakia, What the Heck is it?

Mosses Growing on Decaying Logs Contain Arthropods Typical of Soil Fauna

Classification of the Wetland near Beaver Lake

Comparing Bryophyte Species on Rotten Logs within Deciduous and Coniferous Areas of Forest

The Mosses and Liverworts of Stanley Park (a field guide)

The Development and Morphology of the Reproductive Structures of Marchantia polymorpha

W. B. Schofield Moss Garden (pamphlet and installation)

An Illustrated Guide to Some Common Liverworts

Evolutionary Trends of Thalloid Liverworts

Early Plant Evolution

Urban Bryophytes

Tissue Culture of Diaspores

Bryophytes of the U.B.C Botanical Garden

Mosses of dry habitats

Peristome Teeth - Development

Scanning Electron Microscopy of Three Species of Herbertus

First Nations' Uses of Bryophytes

Bog Bodies

BSI: Bryophyte Spore Investigation (an SEM project)

An Interview with a Bryologist

Cooking with Moss

Antiquity Moss Garden

Games: Mossanium, Mossopoly, Bryo-Jeopardy

Website Game: Funaria in Peril

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