Facilities and Location

The Summerland Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre is located in the scenic South Okanagan Valley. For a map of the area please click here.


photo: PARC eastwards view

View eastwards


photo: PARC westwards view

Aerial view, North-west

Our laboratories house state-of-the-art imaging facilities (EM, scanning, confocal) and ample greenhouse and growth chamber space.

Lab facility

photo: research greenhouse

The Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre has a full complement of controlled growth chambers as well as a state-of-the-art, fully computer-controlled research greenhouse (top). Production greenhouse facilities are located nearby. The station is also has many experimental orchards, vineyards, land plots and an ornamental garden.

photo: greenhouse

Barley pathogenicity test in progress


photo: cherries

The Summerland Research Centre is famous for its cherry breeding program


Historic Directors’ house in Ornamental Garden

Okanagan View

photo: Okanagan Lake
View south over Okanagan Lake from Peachland

The Okanagan lifestyle offers many outdoor activities including hiking, Alpine & cross country skiing and water sports. The Okanagan is also known for its fresh fruit production, such as cherry & apples (which are extensively featured in breeding and research programs at PARC), peaches & nectarines, apricots, etc. The bi-annual Wine Festival showcases the award-winning products of the area's many vineyards. The BC wine industry is also increasingly supported by scientific research at PARC. For beer lovers there is the annual “Fest of Ale” in April.

photo: Okanagan Lake
View south over Okanagan Lake from the Research Centre towards Penticton


photo: apple orchard and Okanagan Lake
Spring view, West over Okanagan Lake, towards the Research Centre



Winter scape - view Northwards from Research centre orchards