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Ordering cultures from the CCCM

Cultures are supplied for teaching, research and commercial purposes at UBC and worldwide. A nominal fee is charged to cover processing costs, unless an exchange of cultures can be arranged.

Placing an order:
After selecting the isolates you wish to purchase, you should contact the CCCM.

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Orders and/or requests for species lists, and other information are accepted by letter, purchase order, telephone, FAX and electronic mail. Electronic mail is preferred. Unfortunately long distance calls cannot be returned unless on a COLLECT basis.

Your order must include:

1). the recipient's name, telephone number, complete address, postal code/zip and e-mail address, and

2) the isolate number and complete name of each organism.

Important note: Please indicate if your isolate belongs to the NEPCC or to the Freshwater algal collection. If you are looking for particular features for the purposes of research or teaching please contact CCCM and we will help you find the best isolate for your use.

Current prices (in Canadian dollars) for cultures are:

$50.00 per culture for Institutional use, and

$90.00 per culture for Commercial use.

The volume of culture we send ranges from 15 - 50 mL, depending on the culture density. Shipping charges are additional. Shipping is prepaid and added to the invoice charges.

We ship both domestic and international orders by DHL Courier at an academically-discounted rate. Shipping times range from overnight (domestic) to several days for geographically-isolated destinations.

Important note: Import restrictions differ amongst countries. Delivery of your order may be delayed or denied. Please review your country's restrictions prior to placing an order.

The progress of shipments can be tracked via the DHL website. Cultures are shipped at the beginning of the week to avoid weekend layovers. Cultures are shipped with ice packs in insulated boxes.

Order Processing:
Upon receipt of your order, the curator will respond to your culture request. Once the order is accepted, an estimated shipping date will be sent to you via e-mail.

Important note: The NEPCC requires 2-3 weeks to prepare most isolates for shipment. The Freshwater algal collection requires 3-4 weeks.

The CCCM will notify you when your request is shipped. An invoice will be included with your shipment.

Terms of Payment:
Remittance of the total charges shown on the invoice is expected within thirty days. Payment must be in either Canadian or U.S. dollars. We accept cash, international money order, or check drawn on a bank within Canada or the USA. We do not accept credit cards.

Unsatisfactory cultures will be replaced free of charge if reported within 30 days if the CCCM or the shipping company is at fault.

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