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NEPCC Culturing Information

Most NEPCC cultures are grown at a constant 16°C on a 14:10 light:dark cycle. Growth light intensity is approximately 50 µmol photons m-2 s-1. Tropical cultures are incubated at approximately 25°C. The salinity of our medium varies from 28 to 35.

Cultures from the NEPCC are maintained on medium modified from Harrison et al. (1980). Natural seawater medium (HESNW) is used for all culturing at the NEPCC but many of the clones grow well in artificial seawater medium (ESAW). See Harrison et al. (1980) for a list of clones that have been tested. Many labs use the medium f/2 with equal success (See CCMP for recipe).


Harrison, P.J., R.E. Waters and F.J.R. Taylor. 1980. A broad spectrum artificial medium for coastal and open ocean phytoplankton. J. Phycol. 16:28-35.

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